Emmy and Scott

Emmy pushed him back against the lifeguard enclosure, climbing into his lap and drawing a low groan from his throat. “Maybe it is crazy, but there’s only you and me here, and I’m willing to overlook that if you are.”

“What are you saying?” Scott asked, his hands cupping her hips.

“I’m saying I want you, too. And I’m not willing to walk away with nothing to show for it. If tonight is all we get, then I think we should take it.” Her voice shook, but she didn’t look away, needing Scott to know that she was serious, that she wanted him just as bad.

“Don’t tease with this, young lady, I don’t think my heart can take it,” he warned, his hold on her tightening.

Emmy’s pulse sped up as held her, his fingers a hot brand on her skin where they had slipped under her shirt. “I’m not teasing.”

Scott’s eyes shone, his tongue coming out to wet his lips before he surged forward and captured her lips in a hard kiss. He held her close, the heat of his body making her squirm in his lap. He made a pleased sound and ground her down into his lap. Emmy gasped when she felt his cock rubbing at her through their pants.

“I want to be inside you,” Scott growled, his teeth scraping over her chin.

“Yes, please,” she panted, digging her fingers into his shoulders.

Scott laid her back on the walkway, pushing between her legs to hold himself over her. He ran his hands up her stomach, bunching her shirt up and leaving biting kisses in its wake until she was left in just her bra. He stripped off his own shirt and bunched them together, making a pillow for her head. He kissed her gently before making his way back down her body, sucking at her nipple through the lace of her bra, not stopping until it was a sharp peak and Emmy was arching into his mouth.

He moved onto her other breast, his hands dropping to the waistband of her leggings. Emmy raised her hips in encouragement and Scott growled as he took them off. Her panties were nearly soaked through and when Scott put his mouth to them, Emmy shouted into the night. She’d only ever dreamed of being touched like this, and Scott was leaving her wildest fantasies in his wake. He mouthed at her through the thin cotton, sucking and licking until she was begging him to take them off.

“Patience, my dear,” he murmured, his tongue slipping under the side to tease at her lips.

Emmy bucked off the floor and fought her desire to thread her hands through his hair and keep him right there. Slowly, carefully, he peeled the panties down her legs. He sat at her feet, smoothing his hands over the calves before pressing her knees up and out, bearing her to him completely. Emmy whimpered, overwhelmed, but Scott hushed her, kissing up her inner thigh.

“Shh, I’ve got you. I knew you’d be like this. Knew you’d open up so easily for me. I’ll make it so good.”

Emmy nodded, though she knew he couldn’t see her with his head between her legs. His mouth was a heated shock to her core, and she cried out, Scott didn’t go slow, didn’t tease or tickle, didn’t let her get used to soft touches before he slid his tongue inside her, thrusting until she was shaking. It was too much and not enough, and exactly what she needed. Emmy didn’t want to be coddled through this. She wasn’t a little girl anymore; she was a woman with wants and needs, and Scott was treating her like one. Like his equal.

His mouth moved up, lips and tongue working together to touch every inch of her while two of Scott’s finger shoved into her, curling and twisting roughly. Emmy scratched at his shoulders, wanting him closer, needing more. She’d touched herself before, of course, but no one else had, and having Scott be the first, with his years of experience and almost frantic manner, had her coming quickly.

Scott groaned as she came, lapping at her quim, his finger still moving inside her, his tongue flicking at her clit. Emmy bit her lip to keep from screaming as a second orgasm quickly built and crested, sending her tumbling into the waves of it before the first had fully passed. Scott’s fingers thrust harder, fucking into her as she contracted around them. He mouthed up over her mound to her bellybutton, biting her skin and leaving read crescent-shaped marks all over.

“I’m going to eat you whole.”