Jordan Jinx

Better Lighting Creations is happy to partner with author Jordan Jinx to help promote and distribute her debut erotic fiction series: The River Dolphin Boyfriend Trilogy.

Jordan is a member of our writing team and is an expert at creating sensual and engaging characters to help bring your fantasies to life.

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Welcome to the World of Jordan Jinx

I’ve always had a fascination with monsters. From Cupacabras to Kraken, cryptids have driven my imagination and opened my mind to the compelling and dangerous provocativeness of the unknown.

After all, monsters need love, too.

An excerpt from My River Dolphin Boyfriend: Splash and Smash

The creature straightened, rising to its knees to lean over him. It took hold of Tad’s wrists, gently pushing him onto his back on the smooth cave floor. Tad lay there, letting the creature touch him; mapping every inch like an intrepid explorer. He jerked when the creature plucked at his nipples, pushing into the touch when it did it again and again until his nipples were stiff and tingling from the stimulation.

“Can I name you?” Tad asked as the creature’s thumb dipped into his navel. “I feel like we’re heading to a place where I’m going to need a name to scream.”